Obercreek Entrance
Obercreek Landscape
Obercreek Multi-Family Housing, Wappinger, NY

Obercreek Multi-Family Housing, Wappinger, New York (planning) Our farsighted client was committed to the Hudson River Valley Greenway goal to "protect, preserve, and enhance natural and cultural resources" while planning the development of his 243 acre family estate. STA prepared a master plan that preserves his family homestead, with conservation easements protecting the estate's now-designated farmland and woods. Taking advantage of the varied topography and landscapes of Obercreek, the plan includes a hamlet laid out along new urbanism principles, large single-family house lots with mandated open space and view preservation, and low environmental impact multi-family housing. STA worked closely with Town government and planners, hydrological and traffic engineers, land development real estate consultants and attorneys and others to untangle legal and technical obstacles. [A change in the local political and national economic climates put the project on hold.]
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Obercreek Rendering
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