Riverton Lofts Exterior
Riverton Lofts Exterior Night View
Riverton Lofts, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Riverton Lofts, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York (new construction) Behind a lively Village-friendly fašade on Main Street are 25 market-rate loft-style condominium units over four storefronts. Below is parking for the complex, and within, a sun-drenched landscaped courtyard, providing a front yard and access to nine of the units. Heat-reflecting roofing, shaded south glazing, energy conserving walls and geo-exchange heating and cooling shrink the building's carbon footprint. Variety-in modulation and articulation and materials of the street fašade, in garden spaces within the courtyard and in the array of differing dwelling units-enriches life on Main Street. 2009 Honor Award for Architectural Excellence in Downtown Revitalization, Westchester/Mid-Hudson Chapter of the American Institute of Architects
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Riverton Lofts Interior
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